A professional service


Service Pro-deck

In addition to boat rental, we are dedicated to the Pro Deck service (fits both boats, car, paddle surf board…)

Have you decided to insure, beautify, renovate, modernize your boat?
We are here for you! First we will help you specify your project according to your wishes and your specificities to establish a personalized budget.





A professional travels from Torrevieja to Valencia and takes the measurements of the boat.

Sell your boat safely

For a quick and efficient sale we recommend a complete inspection of the boat and improve all the points that may slow down the sale.

We look for the occasion of boats for our clients, see together the conditions to sell it.

Having the documentation of your boat in order is essential for any sale. Buyers probably want to know the history of the boat, previous owners, accidents, repairs, and the current condition.

Preparing the boat for sale is one of the most important steps. If you have everything prepared, the sales process will be less complicated and you will know that you can sell this boat that you have loved so much.

Boat cleaning and repairs are very important !!

It is time to decide what you want or should repair for sale and what you no longer want to repair. You also have to decide if you want or should inform the buyer about these details. Any repair should be documented so the next owner can review it and understand if anything happens.

Repairs (especially if they are highly visible) will help in deciding the sale price. A boat in perfect condition always sells for a higher price. It is important to consider each of the repairs and include them in the sales price calculation.

Repairs and replacement of floats

A professional team travels from Valencia to Torrevieja to change or repair your float in poor condition, or also the possibility of painting it (it is valued depending on the condition of the float). We use HYPALON and PVC for the floats and a special paint for the semi-rigid. All our work is done with a guarantee.

Our service and the quality of our work is paramount to us.